Live the Dream

Ready for an adventure?

Want to visit beautiful, out-of-the-way places?

Like the idea of sailing on an ocean-going yacht?

Join Ivan on the “Moraira”

Ivan Lopez

Ivan is a man who loves challenges. As soon as he bought his beautiful yacht, he challenged himself to sail across the Atlantic on it.

Which he has now done.

Over to you

Where would you like to sail? The “Moraira” is in port right now in the Esatern Mediterranean. Ivan will be happy to skipper his yacht to wherever you want to go.

The “Moraira”

The “Moraira” is a Catalina 375 (2009), with many extras added by Ivan.

He has skippered this yacht across the Atlantic, and between islands in the Caribbean.

Future trips

Ivan is ready to to organize 4 or 5 sailing trips a year, with each trip being as long as you would like. Get in touch with him now!