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Sailing trips

Current position of the “Moraira”

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August trip

Stunning scenery — away from the nightclubs and discos.

Can someone like me sail with you?

** It will help if you have already sailed on a yacht at sea. At the very least, you need to know that you may get sick.

» If you want to help and learn, you are more than welcome. If you can offer crewing experience, that will be ideal. But if you would just love to come along for the ride, that’s also fine, on these short trips.

» Of course, you must be able to get along with people, especially in close quarters.

» Ask Ivan for further details

How much will trips cost?

** The most important thing to grasp is that this is not a charter. Basically, you will be sharing the costs of what you and all the crew use.

The actual costs will vary with the sailing trip you join and the length of time that you are with us.

To keep things easy, Ivan will work out a daily rate in advance. This will include: your contribution towards food, water and juice consumed on board; country clearance; fees that the “Moraira” will be liable for on the trip, including legal permits, and marina/mooring fees; diesel, gas, propane; and laundry costs (bed linen and towels only).

It will not include: personal visas, personal Customs & Immigration charges, nor personal exit fees, or personal cruising and Marine Park levies — but Ivan will let you know how much they will come to. You may also need to pay as you go along for small extras like your personal laundry, snack food, soft drinks and alcohol.

What to bring

  • Two signed copies of the Crew Agreement Form, which we will send to you.
  • Sun-protection screen — the sun is strong at sea and the water reflects the sun rays.
    » Read more …
  • Sea sickness pills — there can be rough weather at times. In Malcolm’s experience “Anti-Seasickness Patches” are the most effective.
  • Medical/Travel/Personal Liability Insurance — make sure the policy covers sailing — many don’t !!!
  • Lightweight long-sleeved shirt and trousers — these are the best sun protection.
  • Hat — protect your head.
  • Sunglasses — protect your eyes.
  • Sailing gloves — protect your hands when we handle sails and lines.
  • Special sailing/deck shoes — they must have a special sole and must not be used ashore.
  • Books — there is likely to be plenty of time to read.
  • Beach towel — for use off the boat.
  • T-shirts and shorts — not too many, since storage space is limited!
  • Swimwear — lots of opportunity to swim.
  • Lightweight warm top — for night sailing.
  • Lightweight windproof/waterproof jacket — for the occasional shower!
  • Small personal torch.
  • 12-volt car charger for your laptop/mobile phnone — there are plenty of 12-volt cigarette lighter charger sockets onboard. Note: mains power for charging will only be available when the engine is running or if we are connected to shore power (in other words, not very often!)

You will not need to bring

  • Bed sheets or shower towels
  • Snorkel equipment—unless you specially want to
  • Life jackets or safety harness

Two things NOT to bring

  1. Any item that needs a connection to mains electricity in order to work.
  2. Any luggage with solid sides or wheels. Intead, pack whatever you bring in something whch can be folded tight and stowed in a small space.